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NC processing machine

Introduced NC long processing machine

The advantages of introducing the NC long processing machine: when producing the same kind of production, we can setup the size once, then mass produced realized. That’s reduced the production time.
In order to realize mass production, Daiken introduced NC long processing machine.
Due to the skill level of different workers in hand-making production process, the quality controls become very difficult. However, all problems were solved after introducing the NC long processing machine.
The manufacturing size range of NC long processing machine is from the palm length to 5 meters, aluminum extrusion material can be manufactured.

About us

Name of company
Daiken Ltd. Overseas Business Department
Headquarter address
1-10-13 kitamachi warabi-shi ,saitama 335-0001 Japan
TEL 81-48-432-4554
FAX 81-48-432-4599
Construction department permitted number
(HAN-29) No. 24613 by Minister of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism
Established date
Registered capital
10 million yen
Noritoshi Hagiwara
Number of staff
Scope of business
Produce and sell custom-made window screen
Manufacture, sell and install of railings (aluminum).
Produce and sell the indoor supplies which are made of aluminum.
Produce and sell the shielding window.
Overseas business department Daiken Ltd. Overseas Department
Main bank
Musashino bank Warabi branch, Gunma bank Toda branch, Saitama Risona bank Warabi branch, Gunma bank Tamamura branch, Aoki credit cooperative bank Warabi station branch, Shoko Chukin Bank Co,. Ltd.
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